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A museum focused on the unique history of the first great oil discovery in Oklahoma.

Drumright Museum

In March of 1912, the discovery of oil on the Wheeler farm in Creek County, Oklahoma started the greatest oilfield in the world at that time. 

Eighty thousand people swarmed into the area, erecting wood and canvas shacks in oil camps throughout the hills over the great oil deposit that became the Drumright Field. The towns of Drumright, Shamrock and Oilton materialized “overnight”


By 1917, the Drumright Field produced more oil than any other in the world. A colorful collection of workers, promoters, hustlers and grifters rushed to the field that included the world’s first million barrel well.


Then came the builders: wives and children, hell-fire preachers, merchants and politicians. Permanent homes were built and community life began to displace the tumult in the boom towns.